Use this hack to save money on household essentials this Prime Day

How to save extra money in the Prime Day sale with Amazon Vouchers & Coupons

Amazon Prime Day sale 2022, Amazon Vouchers & Coupons
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The annual Amazon Prime Day sale is right around the corner and Prime members are getting ready to shop for the latest and greatest deals and discounts. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new TV, smartwatch or a pair of headphones, the Prime Day sale is going to be stocked full of record low prices.

Due to the cost of living crisis, we’re all trying to cut back on spending at the moment. To help you save more money, I’ve found this Prime hack that can help you stock up on things during the Prime Day sale and keep the costs down at the same time.

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Prime members get many benefits from their Prime subscription, including unlimited free delivery, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, Deliveroo Plus, grocery deliveries and exclusive deals. One of the best Prime member benefits that can help you save money during the Prime Day sale are Amazon Vouchers & Coupons.

Amazon Vouchers & Coupons are a way to add additional savings on to your orders. Before heading to the checkout, make sure to look at the Amazon Vouchers page to find offers on household essentials, bath and shower products, tech accessories and much more.

There are hundreds of coupons to choose from everyday with the most popular products including tea bags, shower gel, dishwasher tablets, toilet roll, deodorant, nappies and water bottles. You can also find money-saving vouchers on tech and fitness products like massage guns, earbuds, charger cables, travel adaptors and more.

While everyone immediately goes for the big tech discounts during the Prime Day sale, it’s a good time to stock up on products and essentials that you’re running low on around the house. Amazon Vouchers & Coupons are also available all year round and not just during the big sales season, so this section should be your go-to when it comes to replenishing your supplies.

Amazon Vouchers & Coupons

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How to use Amazon Vouchers & Coupons

To start shopping extra discounts, head to the Amazon Vouchers & Coupons page. Scroll through the vouchers and find the deal you want, for example, if you’re a tea fanatic, you might want to use a coupon that says ‘Save 15% at Checkout’ on 600 Yorkshire Tea Bags. Underneath the product information, you’ll see a button that says ‘Collect Voucher’. When you click this, it will either say ‘Voucher Collected’ and tell you how long it’s valid or it will take you to a page with details on how to claim the coupon.

After you collect the voucher, you’ll need to add the product that it’s eligible for and add it to your basket. Once you’ve finished shopping the Prime Day sale, head to the checkout and the discount will be automatically applied. As I mentioned before, new vouchers are added everyday throughout the year, so if you’ve run out of something, head to the Amazon Vouchers & Coupon page to find extra deals.

Remember that you’ll need to be a Prime member to use this Prime benefit, so sign up to Prime today to use this or check out our widget below.

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