Pretty in pink – Google Pixel 9 revealed in biggest video leak yet

Expect lots of leaks in the next few weeks

Google Pixel 9 leak
(Image credit: Hani Mohamed Bioud / X)
Quick Summary

Google's Pixel 9 is coming in August rather than October this year, and a new video claims to show it in a fetching shade of pink called Peony.

However, there are some doubts over the validity of the video – the leaker promises more to come today.

With the Pixel 9 launch date happening more quickly than previously expected, the leaks are coming thick and fast in the run-up to its official unveiling in August 2024.

A newly leaked video shows what appears to be the Pixel 9 in its rather fetching pink "peony" colour, a colour that we previously saw in May when a collection of Pixel 9 images leaked.

If the new video posted by Hani Mohamed Bioud on X (via is indeed the real thing, that means it's the most detailed leak yet of the forthcoming Pixel phone. If not, whoever made the phone has been paying close attention to the rumour mill: the video clearly shows the predicted flat edges and gloss back, along with an extremely prominent twin-camera lozenge.

Can we trust this Pixel 9 video leak?

Right now we're still a bit suspicious: the leaker, a software developer, claims that the phone "is already out in Algeria" when as one commenter puts it, "Google doesn't even know where Algeria is".

But the leaker says that he will have more videos today to prove it's real; he's promised "live videos" but it's unclear whether that means videos of the phone actually switched on and in use.

Real or not, the phone in the video looks very like the images we've previously seen of the forthcoming Pixels with a protruding camera island rather than a full-width bar, a more squared-off design and new colours.

Of course, the video can't show specifications, but we're expecting the Pixel 9 to have 12GB of RAM (compared to 16GB in the Pixel 9 Pro) and storage options beginning at 128GB. It should also have a 6.24-inch display and two cameras, most likely with 50MP sensors.

The Pixel 9 was not originally expected to launch until October 2024, but Google has brought that forward; its Made By Google event is scheduled for 13 August 2024.

That means the Pixel 9 will have been in production already so it's not a question of whether more details and images will leak, but when those details and images leak.

As with other Pixel launches, by the time the actual launch day arrives we're likely to know every detail.

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