Port-less iPhone 13 video shows the stunning Apple flagship fans deserve

This beautiful iPhone 13 concept video shows a completely port-less version of the incoming flagship, and we're in love

Apple iPhone 13 video
(Image credit: Technizo Concept)

The hype surrounding the incoming iPhone 13 is really starting to build now, with the latest news indicating that the new Apple flagship is going to release earlier than expected.

According to reports, the iPhone 13 is going to deliver a blisteringly vivid always-on 120Hz display, a smaller sized notch, and an advanced new camera system, among other things.

One of those other things that the iPhone 13 range is rumored to be introducing is a completely port-less model. This would be an iPhone that has no charging port at all, with it relying on wireless charging only.

And now we've just got our best look yet at exactly how that port-less iPhone 13 could look, as a brand new concept video has just broken cover that shows off a port-less iPhone model from every angle. Check it out below.

The port-less iPhone 13 shown off in this video is the work of talented concept artist Technizo Concept, who has based the design on the very latest leaks about the official handset. And, as can be seen in the video, the phone has no power port and also sports a smaller notch.

Other changes include smaller bezels around the screen and a new matte black colorway.

Here at T3 we think this port-less iPhone 13 looks stunning and can only hope Apple is going to introduce something similar when the official range drops later in the year.

What we would say, though, is that if Apple is going to introduce a port-less iPhone 13, then it better come with an upgraded wireless charging system, as after experiencing the majesty of the 65-watt wireless Warp Charge on the OnePlus 9 Pro, which can charge the handset from 0-100 per cent in just 29 minutes, anything less is going to feel outdated in comparison.

After all, I think most people can get behind not having to plug in their phone to charge it, but only if it isn't going to lead to a massive hit on recharge time.

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