PlayStation is giving fans the best early Christmas present – and I need it now

If you like Horizon and/or vinyl then you'll be in music heaven

Horizon Forbidden West Vinyl
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PlayStation has swooped in to save Christmas. No need to search the web endlessly, as Sony has announced that it is releasing a stunning collectable vinyl featuring the music from Horizon Forbidden West

Available in three different versions, an original soundtrack CD featuring over 130 tracks from the game will first arrive in time for the holidays at $49.98 / £43.94.  Composed by Niels van der Leest, The Flight, Oleksa Lozowchuk and Joris De Man, the complete collection will be available in a six-disc set. It also includes a booklet with commentary from the composers and concept art from Horizon Forbidden West. 

Next up is the Horizon Forbidden West Essential Collection, which is said to feature some of the most iconic themes and tracks from Aloy’s journey. The two-disc vinyl can be picked up at a price of $39.98 / £34.94. Finally, the Horizon Forbidden West Deluxe Edition comes with six vinyl discs presented in two specially designed trifold cases, two exclusive lithographs featuring art from the world of Horizon, a vinyl mat a track sheet and an exclusive Horizon Forbidden West t-shirt. That one is a bit more pricey at $169.98 / £159.95 but does look to be something special. 

"Music plays an essential role in bringing the world of Horizon to life through your speakers," said Guerrilla Games audio director Bastian Seelbach (via a blog post).

"From working with stellar composers to fostering the creations of our own Sound Designers, we take great care in mixing atmospheric sounds, beautifully-written lyrics, and stunning voices to amplify the storytelling our teams create."

Anyone ordering the CD collection should receive a shipping notification by December 15th, 2022, while those opting for the vinyl will need to wait a little bit longer. An early 2023 release date is expected for the Essential and Deluxe collections.  

To celebrate the announcement, Sony debuted the first music video for Horizon Forbidden West's main theme, "In the Flood".  

“'In the Flood' was not originally written for the sequel, but Lovisa’s live demo convinced us that it would carry the game’s opening perfectly! said Seelbach. "She then teamed up with one of our composers, Oleksa Lozowchuk, to co-produce the track which now graces the opening sequence as Aloy gallops into the West (performed by Ariana Gillis)" 

During my review of Horizon Forbidden West, I noted how big of a part the music plays in making Aloy as iconic for PlayStation as the likes of Nathan Drake, Kratos and Crash Bandicoot. Specifically, the theme used for the Tremortusk is electrifying so I think I might have to go in for that Essential LP myself. 

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