Cheap OLED 4K TV deal! Save £500 as award-winning Philips 55-inch and 65-inch 803 and 903 have prices SLASHED as Amazon Prime Day looms

The screen panels the TV purists love get massive discounts

Philips OLED 803 and 903 deals

Those in the know rate Philips TVs highly for pure visual quality and audio excellence fi not, perhaps, for ease of operation. Sadly, most people stampede straight to LG for OLED or Samsung for QLED but these tasty, potentially – dare we say it? – Amazon Prime Day-beating deals might tempt discerning punters towards Philips…

• Philips 55OLED903 £1,499 (was £1,999) save £500 at Currys

• Philips 65OLED903 £2,999 (was £3,499 albeit some time ago) save £500 at Currys

• Philips 55OLED803 £1,299 (was £1,799) at Amazon

• Philips 65OLED803 £2,799 with 5-year warranty at John Lewis

Yes, you wait ages for a Philips OLED TV deal and then four come around the corner at once. Sure, this is because these TVs are a year or more old and lined up for replacement by Philips' 2019 OLED screens but they are still quality televisions, and well worth considering at these discount prices.

Philips OLED 803 55-inch | £1,299 | £500 off

One of the very best 2018 TVs you can buy for picture quality, the 803 also boasts surprisingly good sound and Philips' exciting Ambilight backlighting, erm… thing. Unlike the 903, which is also discounted today, the audio is by Philips rather than via a bespoke, built-in Bowers & Wilkins soundbar but it is still unusually good for a slim OLED panel, sound-wise.

For many AV experts, Philips' flatscreens offer better picture processing than rivals, while retaining all the usual strengths of OLED – contrast as wide as the horizon, brilliant colours, near-instantaneous refresh rates and reassuringly high price tags. At £1,299 you are unlikely to find a better deal on a 55-inch OLED this week. Ambilight is really very cool, too, spreading coloured light across the wall behind the panel to complement the onscreen action.View Deal

• Philips 65inch OLED 803 £2,799 with 5-year warranty at John Lewis

We can't find any real deals on the larger (65-inch) Philips 65OLED803 but John Lewis serves it up with a 5-year warranty, free (non-express) delivery and the option of accidental damage cover for a not-totally-unreasonable £120.

Philips 55-inch OLED+ 903 | £1,499 | Was £1,999 | Save £500
Not so long ago (just before Christmas in fact), this was down to £1,999 from the original £2,499 and that seemed like a good deal. Now it's another £500 cheaper, as the retail grim reaper approaches. This was apparently chosen by a majority of AVForum readers as the TV with best visual quality out of a line-up with Sony AF9, LG C8 and Panasonic FZW804 in a 'blind' test. The 903 takes the many talents of the 803 and elevates them into a plusher setup, topped off with a really fantastic Bowers & Wilkins soundbar. At £1,499 it's a great deal. 

*By which we mean they didn't know which TV was which, as opposed to those doing the testing being vision impaired.View Deal