OhMiBod's luxury vibrators get some interesting new features...

Ever wanted to be pleasured to the rhythm of your heart beat?

Sex toy pioneer OhMiBod has announced some new functionality for its groundbreaking line of Bluetooth vibrators at this year's CES...

The new biofeedback function means the massager can be controlled by the beating of you or your partner's heart.

Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod said: “With this app, the wearer's heart rate not only creates the vibrations that drive his or her partner's pleasure, it also determines the strength and intensity of those vibrations.”

OhMiBod has also added WiFi connectivity to its devices, meaning that users can connect and pleasure each other anywhere in the world; a step up from having to be in the same room.

The line is compatible with both iOS and Android and even works with some smart watches. The app has preset patterns, and can use the same functionality as the Club Vibe line of products from OhMiBod, which vibrates to the beat of music.

The range will include a G-spot massager and couple's ring vibrators which will be released in March.

By Beth Gault