Can't stop thinking about Oakley's first dedicated running sunglasses

Oakley's new performance sunnies, called Corridor and Actuator, are designed for runners, a first from the brand

Oakley launches Corridor and Actuator running sunglasses
(Image credit: Oakley)

I'm a huge fan of Oakley's products; I loved the NXTLVL gaming glasses and still use the Re: SubZero sunnies for all sorts of things to this day. However, as a keen runner, I was always a bit disappointed they never had a pair of running-focused sunnies in their performance wear category. Thankfully, that all changed with the launch of the Oakley Corridor, "designed for every runner out there to start them off the right foot and focus on only on the run."

The new Corridor features the most popular Oakley technologies, including an Unobtainium sport ligature nosepad and ear socks, Prizm lens technology providing vibrance, contrast and colour tuning, and a lightweight O Matter frame. On top of that, Corridor's new three-point-fit frame geometry is said to be designed to rest on the nose and top of the ears for a comfortable fit with fewer distractions when running.

Also launched is the Actuator, developed with the casual runner in mind. Featuring a universal round shape with larger-sized lenses for optimal coverage, adjustable wire core temples and O Matter frame material, the Actuator is for those who like to look stylish all day around and not just when pounding the streets. The Actuator comes in seven colourways, with different variations of Prizm Lens Technology.

"Never in our history have we created something special with runners and for runners. And for that, runners of this world, we apologize," said Caio Amato, Oakley Global Head of Marketing. "We spent countless hours discussing with runners, and then we built on almost half a century of innovation to develop new sunglasses that – we hope – soon all runners will call their new running essentials. It was incredibly fun outsmarting the sun together with that community."

Both sunglasses are available at Oakley now.

Matt Kollat
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