O2 will provide unlimited calls to its customers in FREE automatic upgrade

UK provider O2 will lift all minutes caps for its Pay Monthly customers, starting this week

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Now that everyone is stuck at home, communication is becoming even more important than ever before. Whereas you might have gotten away with a plan with capped minutes before, calling round relatives and chatting to friends while social distancing will likely put a dent in any finite number of minutes you have. 

This is why O2's free new upgrade is so important. The UK network has chosen to uncap the voice minutes for everyone on a Pay Monthly data plan, providing everyone on its network with free calls for the foreseeable future. 

Mark Evans, CEO at O2 parent Telefonica UK, said: “I’m delighted to see the industry and government  working together to help the UK at this critical time. 

"At O2 we have long-established policies in place to support our customers, and right now, digital connectivity is more important than ever as we connect our customers to vital services and their loved ones.”  

You don't need to do anything to receive this upgrade: O2 will start roling it out to members on plans with finite minutes towards the end of the week. O2 joins other mobile network carriers such as Vodafone in offering bumper packages and free upgrades to help people stay connected during the global health crisis.

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If you're not already on a Pay Monthly plan or you fancy a change in provider, a SIM only deal is an amazing way to save loads of money on your monthly phone bill, with O2's prices starting from as little as £6 per month for 500MB data packages. It's also throw in six months of new streaming service Disney Plus, so you'll have plenty of great films and TV shows to keep you occupied while in self-isolation.

One of O2's best deals offers a huge 25GB data package for just £12.25 per month via Mobiles.co.uk, which is frankly stunning value. Check out the deal in full below:

O2 SIM only deal | 25GB data, unlimited calls and texts | was £28.75 per month | now £12.25 per month from Mobiles.co.uk

O2 SIM only deal | 25GB data, unlimited calls and texts | was £28.75 per month | now £12.25 per month from Mobiles.co.uk
One of O2's best-ever SIM only deals, it nabs you a huge 25Gb of data, unlimited calls and texts for just over twelve quid a month. It's all done via Mobiles.co.uk's cashback scheme, which allows you to claim £39.60 back over five monthly bills after initially paying full price. 

For more great SIM only deals to keep you connected with family and friends during social distancing, check out our comparison tool below. If you want a great handset to go with it, be sure to stop by our best cheap phones, best Android phones and best 5G phones buying guides. 

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