NordVPN has launched a new VPN deal - but another provider might just have it beaten

One of the most well-known VPN services out there is running its usual birthday freebie, but there's another VPN deal that is even cheaper right now

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When it comes to the best VPN providers and their money saving offers, NordVPN loves to make a song and dance to celebrate its birthday. Kicking around for ten years now, its one of the best VPN deals currently available, throwing in a freebie for good measure.

Sign up to its 2-year plan before the 10-hour timer runs out and save 70%, bringing it down to just $3.49 a month - and it gets better. Each new subscriber will receive either an extra month, year, or two years free on top of NordVPN's 2-year plan. All you have to do is sign up and you'll get an email with your randomly selected reward thereafter.

An excellent deal that gets you one of the most secure VPN services out there, keep reading for this VPN deal in full, or keep scrolling for an even cheaper VPN option.

NordVPN: 2-years + FREE GIFT | Save 70% | $11.99 $3.49 a month
NordVPN's birthday...

NordVPN: 2-years + FREE GIFT | Save 70% | $11.99 $3.49 a month
Celebrating its 10th birthday, NordVPN just made its 2-year plan even cheaper. Sign up to the biggest VPN name and get 70% off great security features and excellent unblocking prowess. Even better, to make the birthday celebrations even more exciting, Nord will be randomly giving new subscribers an extra month, year, or two years free on sign up!

Be aware, while NordVPN's two year plan works out as a rate of $3.49 a month before the timer runs out (before going back up to $3.99 a month) you'll have to pay $83.76 up front for the two years.

Want an even cheaper VPN deal?

While you won't get your VPN for as long (if you happen to get a free year or more with NordVPN's birthday promotion), you still get plenty of the bells and whistles with Surfshark at an even cheaper cost, currently with 82% off its already affordable 2-year rate.

Surfshark: 2 year + 2 months free | Save 82% | $2.30 a month

Surfshark: 2 year + 2 months free | Save 82% | $2.30 a month
Maintaining its title as the best cheap VPN, Surfshark offers superb affordability while also being a powerful, feature-packed tool. Throw into that unlimited connections, which means you can spread its protection across devices and share it with the rest of your household, Surfshark also has a 30-day money back guarantee period, allowing you to try risk-free.

Is NordVPN any good?

NordVPN is beaten only by ExpressVPN in most instances as the overarching top-tier VPN, offering exceptional performance across multiple devices in a variety of areas. 

With 5,200+ servers across 59+ locations around the globe, NordVPN is an exceptional streaming VPN with the ability to unblock popular streaming giants like US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Prime Video with next to no hassle. 

NordVPN also puts security at the top of its priorities with an abundance of security features that make it one of the safest VPN providers around. From a dedicated kill switch to DNS leak protection, NordVPN also comes with built in CyberSec, detecting and blocking ads and malicious websites.

For lightening fast speeds, NordVPN is certainly the way to go as one of the fastest VPN around with its WireGuard NordLynx protocol in its holster, alongside Double VPN, Obfuscated and Dedicated IP, P2P and Onion support protocols.

Its unique map interface sets it apart from its competitors, breaking up the usual list format for a more interesting visual. While it can be clunky at times, we found it works best as an iPhone VPN, able to easily zoom in and out to select the server location you need.

Offering fantastic live support, as well as its 30-day money back guarantee, you can rest assured of only the best service - if you're not happy, you'll get a complete refund.

To take advantage of this special offer, head to the NordVPN website now.

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