5 best VPN deals in June 2023

Looking to sign up to a VPN but want the best VPN deal possible for both your wallet and optimizing your device? You've come to the right place

What is a VPN server
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When it comes to the best VPN, prices really can vary, even if there's not a lot in it from service to service. The good news is that VPN providers are pretty generous when it comes to the kinds of offers they run and their frequency throughout the year. 

Introducing even more affordable rates, Surfshark has been undercut as one of the best cheap VPN options as Private Internet Access saves users 82% with its 2 year plan with 2 months extra tagged on the end, now down to just $2.19 a month.

NordVPN has also taken a whole 72% off 2-years of its premium service, there's something for everyone in the selection of current best VPN deals.

While there may be VPN services out there offering cheaper plans, that doesn't always make them the most secure or suitable for your needs. Below, however, you'll find VPN deals from providers we actually recommend. Tried and tested to ensure brilliant performance, features, and geo-unblocking capabilities, keep scrolling for the top services with some excellent offers below.

Best VPN deals currently available in June 2023

Private Internet Access: 2 years + 2 months free | Save 82% | $2.19 a month

Private Internet Access: 2 years + 2 months free | Save 82% | $2.19 a month
Private Internet Access just got ridiculously affordable, undercutting the likes of Surfshark with its great value offer that sees it at a low rate of just $2.19/£1.69 a month. Sign up and gain access to over 10,000 servers, excellent apps with a sleek interface across devices. Sign up now and benefit from a whole 39 months of coverage with 3 months free, and get free cloud security for a limited time, too.


Surfshark | 2 years + 2 months free | $2.30 a month | Save 82%

One of the most affordable VPN providers out there, Surfshark doesn't skimp on power either with its feature-packed software and sleek clients across devices. Sign up to its 24-month plan and enjoy two months free on top with an 82% total saving. Working out as just $2.30 a month, you can also try risk-free with its 30-day money back guarantee.

NordVPN: 2-years | Save 71% |

NordVPN: 2-years | Save 71% | $11.99 $3.29 a month
Get NordVPN's market-leading protection for less with this huge 71% saving on its 2-year plan. Yes, you'll need to commit for longer to secure this exceptional rate, but its entirely worth it with its excellent security and privacy features, and reliable streaming service unblocking track record. Better still, NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those will still aren't sure. It's also worth checking our NordVPN discount codes for other great offers.

CyberGhost: 3 years + 3 months free | Save 83% | $2.15 a month

CyberGhost: 3 years + 3 months free | Save 83% | $2.15 a month
Offering a great UX and packed full of features, CyberGhost is well known in the realms of cyber security and is now offering a great rate for a whole 39 months of its product. Benefit from its excellent unblocking record and speedy WireGuard performance - all with a 45-day money back guarantee.

PureVPN: 5 years | Code: tech15 |

PureVPN: 5 years | Code: tech15 | $6.65 $1.13 a month
As it goes, the longer you to commit for, the more affordable a VPN subscription becomes. PureVPN's 88% saving is in a league of its own though, especially when you add our exclusive discount tech15 to shave off an additional 15%. That means paying $67.96 for the whole 5-year period. Though not as great a tool as Surfshark, it certainly is the cheapest.

Simply after the overall top VPN?

ExpressVPN: 12 months + 3 months FREE | Save 49% | $6.67 a month | Backblaze free for 1 year

ExpressVPN: 12 months + 3 months FREE | Save 49% | $6.67 a month | Backblaze free for 1 year
It's no secret that ExpressVPN comes fully endorsed by T3 as our #1 VPN recommendation. From market leading security features to the ability to bypass geo-restrictions and access the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer, ExpressVPN offers an excellent overall experience of its VPN tool across devices.

Better still, while not the cheapest provider, you'll get 3 months free on top of all 12-month plans, exclusive to T3 customers. That's a 49% discount on the price itself. What's more, you'll also get a year subscription free of charge to Backblaze, allowing you to store photos, videos and files with unlimited cloud storage.

And don't forget ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day all-your-money-back guarantee, allowing you to give it a try and cancel it without charge if it's not for you.

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VPN deals FAQ

How do I choose a VPN?

A tenuous analogy, but much like a pair of shoes, one VPN does not fit all. Things to consider when choosing a VPN are budget, device or devices you plan to use it on, and what you want from your VPN in terms of usage.

While there is a number of fantastic VPN servers we recommend, it's fair to say they don't work seamlessly on every device, with some being stronger performers on handsets versus computers and vice versa.

Whether you're weighing up the right VPN for your smartphone, or you're after a Mac VPN, different providers have their strengths in terms of the clients they offer. Likewise, certain VPN services excel in certain tasks. For instance, some VPN are faster than others, while if you're after a streaming VPN to unblock your favorite services, some providers have higher success rates than others.

Can I play monthly for a VPN?

Most - if not all - VPN providers offer a number of plans to fit your finances, including monthly and annual plans. It's worth noting, though, that committing to a long term plan will work out at a cheaper monthly rate. 

While you will pay a lump sum up front for, say, two or three years, it ends up working out cheaper month-to-month than the service's monthly rate. That said, if you can't afford to make that steeper upfront cost, you'll find monthly plan options from most providers, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

How much should a VPN cost?

Prices for VPN services do vary, with the average cost at around $10 a month. That said, as previously mentioned, monthly rates can be massively reduced when signing up and committing to a longer term plan. The likes of Surfshark comes under $2.49 a month, for instance, when signing up for a two year plan, as opposed to $6.49 for six months.

Considering the benefits of security, speed, and geo-unblocking, too, you can certainly get a lot from paying for your VPN, ensuring your information is kept safe and within your remit with the likes of no-logging policies offered by most reputable VPN services, too. 

Are VPNs always on sale?

It's a fair assumption that you can often pick up a VPN at a discounted rate at any point during the year, but each provider does approach the VPN deals they offer differently. It's fair to say there will be times of the year that a VPN proves even cheaper, too. 

NordVPN, for instance, always likes to celebrate its birthday with an extra special saving, while VPN services are generally discounted for key holidays and sales periods like Black Friday and Christmas.

The kinds of deals can vary, too. Some offer a discount in the form of additional months tagged onto the end of plans, while others introduce true price cuts and even discount codes.

If you want to guarantee a great saving on our top VPN of choice, T3 readers can exclusively enjoy 3 months free on 12-month ExpressVPN plans, as well as Backblaze cloud storage free for a year.

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