Google Pixel users are about to get a great free VPN upgrade

The Google One VPN is going to be more specific in the future

The Google One VPN shown on two devices and a white background
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When it comes to privacy online, using one of the best VPNs is a really good idea. It allows you to hide some of your details, making it tougher for them to be stolen or used by others.

If you own a Google Pixel 7 or a Google Pixel 7 Pro, the Google One VPN is included free of charge. That's a massive benefit, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a VPN without any extra outlay.

Now, it's getting a decent upgrade. Previously, the location data used by the VPN was fairly broad. That could bring up some issues. For example, if you're in the USA and the VPN sets your location to the wrong state, it could change a lot. Taxes are different if you're shopping, and some sites may not be visible altogether.

In the new update, that should all change. Users will be able to set their location to a local region by default. That should make it more accurate, allowing users to surf as normal without finding themselves locked in a different part of the country.

It's not just Pixel users who stand to benefit. While the software is included on those devices, it's also available on other Android phones and iPhones. That's available with a Google One plan, which also brings other benefits to users.

The update is set to roll out at the end of the month. Users should get an email in the coming days, with the 29th of July seeming to be the launch date for the new functionality.

Oh, and don't panic if you'd prefer to use the broader setting still. That will be a user-configurable option in the settings, allowing you to decide exactly how you want it to operate.

I think it's a solid upgrade. While some may be unscathed by the broader setting, many others may struggle. That's particularly true in places like the USA, where things – laws, taxes and other fun stuff – can vary pretty dramatically from state to state.

It should allow users to hone in on the specific location they are in, or they're trying to mimic being in. And that can only be a good thing.

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