Google One subscribers just got a huge free upgrade

Added features are coming to all Google One tiers – and it could save you a tidy sum, while keeping you safe

(Image credit: Google)

When the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro were unveiled last year, they had one really great feature included – VPN by Google One. As part of their security measures, the phones came with the feature pre-installed, to help keep your personal information safe online.

The VPN isn't reserved just for Pixel 7 users, though. That functionality has long been a benefit of the top tier Google One subscription package. That means users of an iPhone or another Android phone can get the same security benefit.

Until now, it was a feature reserved for the most premium Google One tier, but that's about to change, too. According to MacRumors, Google are expanding their VPN offering to all tiers of the Google One subscription. That means that users can enjoy the same security benefits on any device, for as little as £1.59 per month.

That's a great added benefit for users. Earlier this week, features of Google Photos, like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, were also added to the offering. That will allow users of non-Pixel devices to enjoy the AI-powered benefits of the Pixel camera system.

It's all shaping up to make the Google One subscription a really attractive offering. Getting a host of easy photo editing options, as well as a great VPN is well worth the cost of entry alone. Add the other benefits on top of that – users get 100GB of cloud storage on the base plan – and it seems like a no brainer for most people. Pay for it yearly and you'll save a further two months worth of payments, too.

I've previously been sceptical of this kind of subscription-based cloud storage offering. For me, it just didn't seem like a worthwhile spend. But when you're adding a great array of extra features on top, it seems like much better value.

Sam Cross
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