Google Pixel 7 devices are starting to get their free VPN upgrade

Google announced the upgrade during the launch of the Pixel 7 and it's finally hitting devices

Google Pixel 7 Pro
(Image credit: Google)

When the Google Pixel 7 and the Google Pixel 7 Pro launched a few months ago, they came with a host of exciting new features. One that wasn't available straight away, though, was the inclusion of a VPN in the devices.

That's starting to change though, as users are reporting the first sightings of the Google One VPN on Pixel devices. It had previously been expected to arrive in December, so Google are right on cue. 

It's a fantastic free upgrade for Pixel 7 users. VPN's are brilliant security devices, allowing you to keep your personal information safe while online. But the best VPNs aren't cheap, so getting one completely free of charge is a triumph for the Pixel range.

How to get the free VPN on Google Pixel 7

To access the Google One VPN, users will need to go to the Google One app and log-in with their Google account details. You should get a pop-up which tells you that your device is eligible. 

Once through this, go to the "Benefits" tab and hit "View Details" under the section about the VPN offering. From there, you should see an option called Use VPN, which can be freely toggled on or off.

That's it. Once activated, the VPN will hide your IP address online, to make you less vulnerable to tracking, and make you less vulnerable when connecting to public WiFi networks.

It's worth noting that this functionality isn't available to users in Singapore or India, sadly.

I think this is a brilliant feature for the Pixel 7 range. Sure, it may not be the most feature-rich VPN in history, but it doesn't really need to be. The fact that you're getting a free security feature that would normally cost money is a welcome boost. 

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