Nook's new GlowLight ereader finally comes to the UK

And it'll only set you back an Amazon-baiting £89

Nook, the ereader brand owned by US bookseller Barnes & Noble, has launched its latest device here in the UK after several months of US-only availability.

Although the Nook series of ereaders won't be as familair to digital book fans as the Amazon Kindle range, it was actually the first ereading device to bring in the now-standard backlight feature.

The model responsible was the Nook Simple Touch GlowLight - which was subsequently overshadowed by Amazon's own Kindle Paperwhite.

Undetterred, Barnes & Noble (the US-based bookstore that owns the brand) refined the GlowLight to a thinner, lighter and whiter model that has been on sale in the States for the last eight months or so.

Now, the company has decided to launch the 6-inch device in Blighty and you can pick it up from the likes of Currys/PC World, John Lewis or Aldi for the wallet-friendly price of £89.

Coming with 4GB of on-board storage, the new GlowLight (no more "Simple Touch" in the title) will store up to 2,000 titles downloaded from the virtual Nook Store.

Along with a colour change, Nook has shaved some weight from the device, leaving it a svelt 175g which - as the company is keen to point out - is 15 per cent lighter than the Kindle.

The screen has also been improved, with the resolution brought up to the now-standard 1,024 x 758 resolution with 212ppi. The backlight, which comes on after a long press of the "n" shaped home button, has also been whitened and can be set to varying degrees of brightness.

According to the company, the rechargeable battery inside the Nook GlowLight is enough to keep you turning pages for eight weeks on a single charge. Providing, that is, that you keep your reading to 30 minutes a day, use the backlight sparingly and keep away from the Wi-Fi.

The UI has been given a bit of an overhaul, as has the selection system - a list of curated content from the Nook store will appear based on your reading and purchase history.

Hardly surprising given the fact that Barnes & Noble, like Amazon, will make more money from the content you buy rather than the device you purchase to view it. has had a few weeks with the new Nook GlowLight ereader and you can read our full review right here.