Nintendo Switch Pro's plan to rope-a-dope PS5 and Xbox Series X exposed

How Nintendo Switch Pro will get the drop on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Nintendo Switch Pro PS5 Xbox Series X
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So, another week has passed and another Nintendo Switch Pro clue has slipped out, with the latest development indicating that the BigN is planning to announce and release the next-gen Switch in the incoming financial year.

Another week has also just past for wannabe PS5 and Xbox Series X gamers, and once again the news hasn't got any better, with it revealed that the AI reseller bot epidemic has led to a situation where scalpers are making more money off the PlayStation 5 than Sony itself. And things have barely been better in Xbox land, either.

Back over in Nintendo land, though, hype for the Nintendo Switch Pro continues to gather a pace, with an upgraded screen, faster internals, new Joy-Con controllers and a redesigned docking station postulated to be among the improvements that could be incoming.

It's fair to say, though, that as upgraded as the Nintendo Switch Pro will be it will not be able to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X in terms of gaming power, with the Microsoft and Sony machines orders of magnitude more advanced and Nintendo playing second fiddle to them for generations now in terms of tech specs.

The thing is though, as ever, the Nintendo Switch Pro won't need to be as powerful as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to sucker-punch both when released and walk away with the big win.

Why? Simple – the Nintendo Switch Pro looks set to be released at just the right time to twist the knife into a wave of gamer frustration and indifference in not being able to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Taking it true that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be released in the next financial year (that's April 2021 through to April 2022), and that gamers are going to face months if not years of a scalper-driven resale apocalypse from today, thereby leading to gamers literally giving up on the next-gen Sony and Microsoft systems, then right now it looks like Nintendo Switch Pro is going to be perfectly positioned to welcome them with open arms.

And, about the power discrepancy? It doesn't matter one jot. Gaming isn't about teraflops, it's about QUALITY GAMES, and history has show us that Nintendo has garnered such a loyal following due to its immense first party exclusive titles.

There's also the fact that the original Nintendo Switch will have been out for roughly four years by the point that the Pro releases (exactly in the middle of the console generation), and that a tech refresh will feel just right.

As such, it sure is looking like the Nintendo Switch Pro will be a breath of fresh air for frustrated gamers the world over at a time where many of them will have spent the best part of a year to a year and a half banging their heads against the wall trying to buy PS5 or Xbox Series X. And the less said about any new peripherals, such as a PlayStation VR 2 headset the better!

And if you put me in that situation, facing the choice of either buying another crate of champagne for a scalper or ringing up a brand new Nintendo Switch Pro along with a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, I know where my money would go – and I feel many other gamers would follow suit, too.

As to what a Nintendo Switch Pro console could look like, our best look yet comes from this interesting design video:

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