Huge PS5 restock coming this week: here's when and where you can get one

PS5 restocks are coming thick and fast this month, and the next one is tomorrow!

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The PS5 hunt is on this week, as retailers prepare to drop the next wave of PS5 restocks in the UK. Remember, the PS5 isn't region locked, so providing you can sort out delivery to your address, this is another chance for anyone to try their luck to secure a console this week.

You can find retailer links in T3's PS5 stock tracker, but with recent reports suggesting that a restock is set for February 18, it looks like some are pulling the trigger early, with the BT, EE, and GAME tapped to be rolling out more PS5 stock this week, alongside Very, and Argos.

The exact dates seems to be pretty fluid right now, with different PS5 restock social media accounts providing different updates on that front; one UK PS5 restock account (Ps5Instant) says BT, and EE will open up pre-orders on February 11, and has reported that GAME will now be rolling out its PS5 restock tomorrow, February 10, between 9am and 12pm. They'll be followed by Amazon UK, Very, and Argos during the latter half of the week.   

Fellow UK PS5 stock tracking account, PStStockAlertUK, predicted that Very, GAME, would have had their PS5 restocks already, but we're still waiting, so all eyes are on GAME tomorrow. Is also has Amazon UK down for going live next week on Monday, February 15. Argos is reportedly delaying its PS5 stock drop until February 23 and 24.

Meanwhile, Smyths is said to be dispatching its PS5 pre-order stock now, with the retailer emailing customers to explain that they're being treated as pre-orders so that it can run "checks" to make sure an order is valid before processing payment and shipping. This seems to be its method to ward off bots, or multiple deliveries to a single address. 

The Twitter account also put together a spreadsheet predicting the date and time of future PS5 restocks, based on retailers' previous patterns. 

 At the very least, you should have a couple of opportunities to try to secure a PS5 this week and next, so we advise making accounts and saving payment details at all of these retailers if you haven't already, to make checking out as fast and hassle-free as possible. 

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