Dress like a Virgin Galactic pilot with this Under Armour Capsule Collection

Ground control to Major Tom, take your protein pills and put this Under Armour + Virgin Galactic flight jacket on

Under Armour + Virgin Galactic
(Image credit: Under Armour)

Unless you live under a moon rock, you must have heard that Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are having their own little space race right now. Branson took his beard into space at the weekend – or technically, very very near space, since the ship, the VSS Unity, 'only' reaches the outer stratosphere. You'll have noticed that at the time he was very nattily dressed, in some prime sci-fi athleisure wear, designed by Under Armour. UA also worked with Virgin Galactic’s design firm Seymourpowell to design the seats of the VSS Unity. 

Although you may not quite be able to afford a trip on Sir Richard's Star Trek-esque space vehicle – or Jeff Bezos' more penis-shaped one – you might be wondering if you can snap up one of these cool looking space outfits.

Well, sadly you can't buy an actual Starfleet – sorry, Virgin Galactic – uniform. However you can buy a selection of apparel from Under Armour's (space) Capsule Collection, which naturally takes a number of design cues from the actual Virgin Galactic space outfits – the fruit of a collaboration that started back in January 2019. 

The Under Armour + Virgin Galactic collection can be beamed down to your home or picked up from a replicator near you now. But hurry, Earthlings: this is a limited edition collection and it will sell out at warp speed.

Under Armour + Virgin Galactic: price and availability

The Under Armour x Virgin Galactic collection is available at Under Armour US, Under Armour UK and Under Armour Australia, and in select UA Brand Houses now.

Prices from $60/£42/AU$90.

Virgin Galactic uniforms, worn by models

The actual Virgin Galactic uniforms – you can't buy these, but UA's Capsule Collection resembles them

(Image credit: Getty)

To commemorate Sir Bransons first excursion into space on board of the VSS Unity, Under Armour is releasing a limited edition Virgin Galactic capsule collection. Unfortunately, the space suit is not included in the collection but at least you can buy the ultra-sexy UA x Virgin Galactic Flight Jacket pictured up top for $250/£220/AU$200. The rest of the collection comprises various T-shirt and under layer-type garments, given a suitably sci-fi twist, and incorporating UA's Rush and RECOVER fabric technologies.

Rush employs 'mineral-infused fabric designed for your toughest workouts' while the RECOVER collection features a pattern inside the fabric that "returns infrared energy to your body", much like the solar panels on a space station.

The rest of the collection includes workout t shirts, running tights, recovery hoodies and more. The seasonal exclusive page over at UA also features the excellent HOVR Machina 2 Colorshift running shoes – that has nothing to do with the Virgin Galactic collection, but they are very good shoes.

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