Experience the outdoors at its peak with The North Face's latest collection

The North Face teams up with UNDERCOVER for the ultimate fusion of style and performance in outdoor apparel

The North Face Launch New Collab with Undercover
(Image credit: The North Face)

In an exciting collaboration between outdoor giant The North Face and acclaimed designer Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, outdoor enthusiasts have reason to rejoice with the release of SOUKUU Season 2.

This innovative line marries performance technology with high-fashion sensibilities, offering a unique blend of functionality and style for trail runners and hikers alike.

Inspired by the pursuit of emptiness and the meditative state found in nature, SOUKUU Season 2 redefines trail wear as more than just functional attire.

Takahashi's designs infuse simple yet sophisticated forms with cutting-edge performance technology, creating a collection that elevates the outdoor experience to new heights.

The collaboration challenges traditional notions of trail and hike collections by presenting a holistic layering system that seamlessly integrates performance-driven fabrics with effortless designs.

The North Face Launch New Collab with Undercover

(Image credit: The North Face)

Each piece in the line is crafted to strike a balance between durability and comfort, offering lightweight, packable options that are perfect for the trail.

One of the highlights of SOUKUU Season 2 is the incorporation of The North Face's renowned VECTIV and Windwall technologies, ensuring optimal performance in any outdoor setting.

From convertible shell pants to hydration-bladder-compatible trail run vests, each item is thoughtfully designed with outdoor enthusiasts' needs in mind.

The full collection includes a range of apparel and accessories, such as the SOUKUU Hike Packable Fishtail Shell Parka, SOUKUU Trail Run 2-IN-1 Shorts, and the innovative SOUKUU VECTIV Trail Run Shoe.

Available now online at The North Face and select stores.

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