New leak says the Google Pixel 7a is just three weeks away

Google's next flagship phone could launch as soon as May – but the price may disappoint

Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro phones in white colorway side-by-side
(Image credit: Google)

The more affordable version of the Google Pixel 7 (above), the Google Pixel 7a, could be with us in just a few weeks. It could turn out to be one of the best Android phones of 2023, but while the launch appears to be imminent there may be one less welcome bit of news: the price could be going up.

The imminent launch date is according to Twitter tipster SnoopyTech, who has a track record of accurate leaks from inside retail, as reported by Phone Arena

However, while the Pixel 7a is reported to be a "substantial upgrade" over its predecessor, it's also apparently going to cost a little more: according to a source speaking to 9to5Google, it'll be $499. That's $50 more than the Pixel 6a. 

The Pixel 7a is going out to retail in the next two weeks and other sources say the launch date coincides with Google IO, which is on 10 May. You'll be able to buy one the following day, May 11.

Google Pixel 7a vs Google Pixel 6a: what's new?

Multiple reports say that the main camera is getting a boost to 64MP with a 13MP ultrawide lens. That's backed with the same Tensor G2 system we've already seen in the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel 7a will reportedly get wireless charging and a new, smoother 90Hz display.

The colours for the Pixel 6a leaked earlier this month – black, white and blue, or Charcoal, Snow and Sea – but a new colour has appeared. Coral will be a Google Store exclusive.

Interestingly, 9to5Google's source says the Pixel 6a isn't going away: Google is keeping it as a more affordable Pixel purchase. That's no bad thing: we really like the Pixel 6a, and with a price cut it could be an even more compelling buy. It'll be interesting to see which of the two a-series Pixels makes it into our best cheap phones guide once the 7a ships. Maybe we'll see both: the Pixel 6a's already there.

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