New Google Pixel 6 ad lets the iPhone 13 know it has serious competition

'For All You Are' ad shows off new Pixel 6 angles

Google Pixel 6
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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the latest Android 12 Beta release, Google has gifted us with the first new image of the Pixel 6 ever since we caught a glimpse of the phone last August, plus another look at the new Material You design soon to debut on the phone.

With all the recent hype around potential new Apple releases and the subsequent pre-order speculation governing the internet, it's easy to forget that Apple has a serious rival lying in wait. And whether you're in either the best iPhone or best Android phones camps, there's a lot to be excited about over the coming months.

Spotted by 9to5Gooogle, is a post from the Made by Google Instagram account giving us a sneak peek at the Pixel 6. You’ll notice that the Instagram post is a play on the album cover for Drake’s new album, “Certified Lover Boy,” which sparked a wave of internet memes last week. Google’s take on it reads “Certified Pixel Lovers,” which is pretty cute. 

More revealing though is the swish 'For All You Are' ad that dropped yesterday (September 9). What do you get for 30-seconds of your precious viewing time? Four tidbits of the actual phone, alongside several video clips that appear to show a bunch of folks using the phone. The presumption here, at least, is that it’s the Pixel 6 being used in the video and not a random device. 

The ad is a neatly packaged, wholly lacquered-up assault on the senses. However, Microsoft's main idea here is to show us, mortal users, how Google’s new flagship will learn from how we use it day-to-day, using this to intuitively get better over time. AI is one of Google's principal strengths and something where it can meaningfully compete with the iPhone 13.

Meanwhile, amongst the visual feast, which Google has laid before us, the Drakeified Pixel Instagram post may give us a clue when the new phone will drop. According to the dates on the various widgets, it appears to be October 19. By that time, it could be battling it out with the iPhone 13 to be named amongst some of the best phones on the market – should predictions be correct and the iPhone 13 gets a formal release at next week's Apple event.

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