This Sony PS5 SSD heatsink looks like a smart and stylish console upgrade

Sabrent is releasing a new heatsink for PS5, and it's got a unique design that could be a game-changer

Sony PS5 SSD heatsink
(Image credit: Sabrent)

Any time now Sony is slated to be unlocking the ability to expand your PS5 console's storage space. This is done via each system's storage expansion slot and requires one of the best PS5 SSDs as well as a compatible heatsink.

T3 has already detailed how to choose and install an SSD in our PS5 SSD installation video guide, as we are on the PS5 system software beta and therefore already have access to the ability to expand storage.

But just in time for the feature going live for all PlayStation 5 gamers, hardware maker Sabrent has thrown the cat among the pigeons by announcing its own new PS5 heatsink, which has been designed specifically to cool compatible SSDs installed in the console.

The unique selling point? This heatsink doesn't sit within the expansion bay under the expansion bay's top plate, but actually replaces it. Check the official video out below to see it in action.

So, as you can see, unlike every other PS5 heatsink we've seen to date, be that pre-attached to an SSD or bought separately from a third-party maker, this Sabrent heatsink actually acts as both the SSD heatsink and the expansion bay top plate.

The thinking here is that, one, by having the heatsink not have to sit within the expansion bay it can be bigger and run cooler, and two it simply looks more stylish.

Right now this Sabrent cooler has just been teased, and isn't available just yet on the market, so it is hard to judge the sort of performance benefits it delivers. On the face of it it makes sense that the top of the SSD (which is where read operations take place) would run cooler with a larger heatsink that can dissipate heat easier. However, what the cooling is like on the bottom of the SSD is something to consider.

One thing that we can definitely judge right now is how the Sabrent heatsink looks, which is much better than the standard PS5 expansion bay top plate. Of course, though, with the console's side plates attached you're not going to see it anyway.

This is a neat design, though, and we fully expect to see more top plate / heatsink hybrids hit the market as a result. As soon as T3 can get our hands on one of these and test it we'll let you know what we think.

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