New Casio G-Shock models are the perfect complement to your summer style

Get beach-ready with these new coloured-crystal watches

The Casio G-Shock Beach Time Lapse collection on a pink background
(Image credit: Casio G-Shock)
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The latest Casio G-Shock models are absolutely perfect for summer.

A new range of four pieces showcase a beach-ready design which is just made for sun, sea and sand.

Every now and then, a watch creeps into contention among the best watches on the market which defies belief. These may be pieces which stand way above their price point, or offer a solution which no other brand does.

For many, the Casio G-Shock embodies this spirit. Born from a desire to live up to the rigors of daily life, these pieces have gained a fashionable edge, with multiple different models offering something for anyone.

Their latest offering is this – the Beach Time Lapse collection. Casio say these are designed to capture the essence of the summer beach scene, and they've certainly nailed that. Those white models are straight out of a Miami Vice scene.

The calling card here is the crystal on the front, which is coloured and appears to gently morph as you move. That's achieved through a process called vapour deposition, though we won't get too bogged down in the science of it here.

The result is much cooler anyway. You'll find a gorgeous blue crystal on the white watches, which shows up with orange and pink highlights when bright reflections are seen.

The transparent grey model sports an orange toned crystal, which works in a similar way. Reflections appear with a fire-like texture, which is really nice to look at.

These models come in the two most popular case shapes for the brand. The GA-2100 features an octagonal case. It's often called the Casioak, thanks to its gentle resemblance to the classic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

The other is the DW-5600. That square case shape has become incredibly popular, owing to its easy wearing dimensions.

All four of these models will retail for £99.90. That's really fantastic value for money. These days, £100 doesn't get you all that far, but it does get you a really stylish timepiece with good heritage.

My pick of the bunch? It has to be that DW-5600 in white. It just oozes feel-good summer vibes, and at this price, it may just make its way into my watch box...

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