Netflix's new supernatural show debuts 91% on Rotten Tomatoes – watch it now

The team behind The Sandman is back with more with Dead Boy Detectives – Netflix's latest hit show

Dead Boy Detectives
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has just dropped its latest show, which happens to be a supernatural stunner, and the early reactions are extremely positive. 

Dead Boy Detectives is a spin-off from The Sandman, which did so well for Netflix last year, and takes a couple of side characters from Neil Gaiman's eclectic universe to tell their story more fully. 

It stars Edwin and Charles, a pair of ghosts who've made it their mission to solve mysteries for other ghosts – and they're damned good at it, too. 

The show was released on Netflix on 25 April and immediately met with great reviews from critics and fans alike, sitting on a cool 91% in both cases on Rotten Tomatoes, which is quite a rare coincidence. 

Like The Sandman, then, you can expect plenty of supernatural fun as they work out cases in a monster-of-the-week sort of format. 

Help comes along the way from a clairvoyant who joins them named Crystal, along with her friend Niko – who the launch trailer implies could be quite important to the series' overarching plot. 

That trailer is quite jam-packed with interesting sights and makes it clear that you'll be getting some scary moments to go with the jokes and gallows humour. Some of those dark shots with neon lights should look absolutely superb on one of the best OLED TVs too – best go shopping if you don't own one, eh?

This is looking like a really strong way for Netflix to close out April, then, and if you're likely to hoover up Dead Boy Detectives in a matter of days there's more good news – May is just around the corner and we've already gathered the most-anticipated shows and movies hitting Netflix next month

It looks like one of the best streaming services thinks it's got a pretty good thing going with Gaiman at the moment, all in all, and it's clear that the writer's books and graphic novels seem to consistently have the potential for fun adaptations. Amazon Prime Video's American Gods was proving that all the way back in 2017, after all. 

In fact, given that Netflix says this is all part of the "The Sandman Universe", we can probably expect more spin-offs down the line...

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