Netflix's new Jessica Alba action movie trailer has everyone saying the same thing

Trigger Warning looks action-packed, with Alba back to her action roots

Trigger Warning
(Image credit: Netflix)

We're not saying Netflix has a new strategy to get less-often-seen leading ladies back into the spotlight in more action-packed roles than you're used to, but after the chart success of J-Lo's Atlas, it looks like Jessica Alba could be up next.

The streamer has released a trailer for Trigger Warning, an action flick starring Alba,  and hitting the platform on 21 June. And it looks like a potentially fun slice of shock. Hopefully it'll be a better performer than J-Lo's Atlas, though, which netted her lowest Rotten Tomatoes score in this decade

Alba plays a seemingly highly skilled Special Forces commando who returns home to take over her father's bar after his mysterious death. From there it clearly doesn't take long for her to sniff out a crime ring that's taken over her hometown and infiltrated the police along with local politicians. 

So, what better way to deal with things than by going full Rambo? The trailer alone shows fistfighting, shooting and swordplay are all going to be in Alba's wheelhouse this time out, and it's one of those teasers that looks a lot like it maps out most of the movie's plot quite clearly. 

While Atlas arrived to little praise, audiences haven't seemed to care much at all, with the movie rocketing into Netflix's top spot in a range of territories. The streamer will be hoping for more of the same with Trigger Warning – although doubtless a better score wouldn't exactly go amiss. We have high hopes, as Alba looks like a true badass in the trailer.

Judging by the sentiment in the comments under the YouTube upload of its trailer, there's every chance it'll work, too. People are thrilled to see Alba again after a good few years since the last major movie she appeared in.

One enthused viewer wrote: "Few days ago I was thinking that Jessica Alba totally disappeared and now this trailer pops up out of nowhere". Another agreed: "Jessica Alba as a vigilante? Hell yes!!". The anticipation is already palpable. 

So, it might be a bit of a niche category, but it looks like Netflix really is aiming to be crowned as the best streaming service for gracefully ageing stars that it can persuade to play against type in action-heavy blockbusters. Alba should steal this show. 

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