Netflix's J-Lo sci-fi gets new trailer that has everyone saying the same thing

Jennifer Lopez in what looks a lot like Titanfall

Atlas on Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix's upcoming science fiction movie Atlas just got another, much longer trailer, and it's compounded the accuracy of a few comparisons in the minds of viewers. 

The movie will star Jennifer Lopez as Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst living in the far-flung future. 

Atlas apparently worked closely on the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) that went rogue and nearly ended humanity before escaping and in the movie will be forced to join a mission to recover and destroy that AI. 

She gets dropped on an inhospitable planet with just a mechanised robot to walk around in – and is soon forced to cooperate with the onboard AI program, which is where everyone has noticed some similarities.

Everything about the robot she's piloting and the way it drops out of orbit looks like the spitting image of EA's Titanfall games, shooters that saw players duking it out on teams using similarly large mechs that they could pilot. 

The game might not be a direct or credited inspiration for Atlas, but the similarities are striking, and have been noticed a whole bunch by viewers on social media. 

One commented under the trailer calling it a "Dollar Tree Titanfall movie with J-Lo", while on X countless people have already said that Atlas "looks like a live-action Titanfall". 

Then again, given that Titanfall 2 has one of the most celebrated videogame campaigns of all time, an inventive and tightly-paced adventure that shows you new ideas and scenarios on a non-stop basis, there are worse franchises to be compared to.

Atlas will be released on Netflix on 24 May, so you've got about a month to wait for it if you think it looks up your street. It's one of our most-anticipated Netflix titles for May on one of the best streaming services though. 

From the looks of the trailer, you can expect Atlas and her robot to develop a grudging respect for each other as they chase that rogue AI down – and, amusingly, the AI appears to be being played by Simu Liu with glowing blue eyes. 

It's all looking nice and hokey, and while it might not scream out that it'll be contending at the Oscars in early 2025 – which, by the way, here are five winners from 2024's Academy Awards you must watch (and for free) – it'll doubtless be a fun way to spend an evening when it's out. 

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