Netflix Kids’ Top 10 tool makes finding new shows a breeze

Netflix launches content discovery tool for kids' profiles

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Netflix is this week rolling out two new tools to capture its young viewers’ attention, with the launch of the Top 10 daily chart for kids, which features the most popular Netflix children’s content in each country.

The new feature is a child-oriented version of the existing Top 10 rankings tool, which collates the most popular titles from across the streaming service, amongst new and original titles, making it much easier to find something to watch when at a loose end.

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The new feature is launching in 93 countries on July 14, with the new top 10 section set to appear on Netflix for iOS and Android, the web-based version and TV Netflix apps — but not Apple TV devices. Users will be able to find the top 10 kids' titles chart on the homepage of kids’ Netflix profiles as well as in the 'New & Popular' section within the menu bar.

All of the most popular kids' titles to be picked are age-appropriate, so the list will only show Netflix titles that offer a regional equivalent of a PG and below rating. Kids' titles that are chosen as the most popular will get the hyper-prestigious Netflix honor of a 'Top 10' badge, located wherever the titles appear in the kids' profiles.  

Netflix newsletter

Additionally, Netflix will also start sending out a 'Kids Recap Email' to the parents and guardians of the platform’s young streamers. As per the name, it will take the form of a twice-monthly newsletter aimed mostly at parents, with top content recommendations based on the viewing habits of their children featured inside, alongside a range of other tidbits related to their kids' streaming preferences. 

As the streaming wars continue to intensify amid ever-expanding kid-specific content from the likes of Disney Plus, Netflix is looking ever-more closely at how it can not only improve kids' viewing experiences on the platform, but also how it can tap into their caregivers' wider field-of-view over what their children watch on the streaming platform. Make sure to check out our best TV picks for the latest and greatest display hardware to view the fruits of Netflix's streaming catalog.

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