My marathon training will defo include workouts from Fiit's Marathon Prep collection

The Fiit Marathon Prep collection incorporates 20, 10 min - 40 min classes to bullet-proof the body for your next marathon

Fiit Marathon Prep trainer performs a knee drive exercise in the Fiit studio
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I don't know about you, but my marathon training mainly involves a lot of running for months before the race. Since I'm not planning on qualifying for the next Olympic Games, I always thought running loads would do the trick and help me crawl across the finish line. And although it did, having a look at the Fiit Marathon Prep collection made me realise there is a better way to prime my body for a 26.2 miles race.

As Fiit explains, "Runner’s take care of the running. Fiit takes care of everything else", and this perfectly encapsulates what the Marathon Prep collection is all about. It doesn't replace run training; it merely complements it so you will be more resilient when the time comes.

The Fiit Marathon Prep collection incorporates 20, 10 min - 40 min classes that focus on "how the body moves through each stride". Classes include Pre Run Warmups, Post Run Stretches, Pilates and Strength, specifically designed for running – led by talented trainers including Gede Foster, Sean Kazab, and Adrienne Herbert, plus Fiit’s soon to launch trainer, Elite Athlete, Lina Nielsen.

Fiit Marathon Prep: price and availability

Fiit members can access the Fiit Marathon Prep collection from 6 September 2021. Membership fees start from £10 a month.

For more info, visit Fiit today.

Find out more about the Marathon Prep collection here.

Trainer stretching their hamstrings during the Fiit Marathon Prep workout

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The Fiit Marathon Prep workouts are curated around three topics: pilates for runners, taught by Gede Foster, strength for runners with Sean Kazab and finally, warm-up and cool-down sessions with Adrienne Herbert.

As Fiit explains, the "library of classes aims to improve elasticity in the lower limbs and hip flexors, along with balance to improve stability whilst running." 

The strength classes focus on building explosive power in the lower body as well as preventing injury. As Sean Kazab explains, "Strengthening your ankles and calves will help propel you forward. So, if we think about how many strides you take in a marathon, just a small improvement of each step has a big impact in the long run."

The pilates workouts focus on core strength: "We’re looking at pelvic stability – making sure the correct muscles are fired up and engaged and minimising the risk of IT band syndrome or runner's knee", says Gede Foster, "Plus, we’ll be strengthening our abs and glutes – making sure they can resist any unwanted rotations motion."

Fiit instructor performs a stretching exercise in front a colourful background as part of the Stretching Fiit Marathon Prep collection

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Let's not forget about stretching either. "People are often reluctant warm-up because they don’t want to fatigue their legs before a run", Adrienne Herbert chimes in, "But the opposite is true. When the correct muscles are activated, you’ll run with better form, posture and efficiency."

The London Marathon 2021 is less than a month away, and whether you'll do it in person or virtually, make sure you check out Fiit's Marathon Prep workout; I know I will. There are more than enough time to get stronger before race day!

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