My favourite Emma mattress is up to 40% off for World Sleep Day

Get up to 40% off Emma mattresses and a free bed base for World Sleep Day

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It’s World Sleep Day 2024! To celebrate and bring awareness to the importance of sleep, many mattress brands are offering huge discounts on their mattresses and other sleep products, including UK manufacturer, Emma.

As a mattress expert, I’ve tested many of the best mattresses on the market, and my all-time favourite Emma mattress that I sleep on every night is now 30% off for World Sleep Day.

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Emma is currently running its World Sleep Day and Easter sales, offering shoppers up to 40% off its mattresses, sleep bundles, pillows, duvets, toppers and protectors. The best deal I’ve found in the Emma sale is on the Emma NextGen Premium mattress, which I couldn’t recommend more.

In my 5-star Emma NextGen Premium mattress review, I loved the hybrid construction of memory foam and springs, and found it offered medium-firm support that was exceptionally comfortable and supportive. The cover is super soft to the touch and the mattress is suited to all types of sleepers, particularly side and back sleepers.

Some customers have found that Emma mattresses can trap heat, but the Emma NextGen Premium mattress has significantly improved its temperature control. As a hot sleeper myself, I very rarely have overly sweaty nights anymore now that I’ve switched to the Emma NextGen Premium mattress.

Now in the Emma sale, the Emma NextGen Premium mattress is 30% off and the brand is also running a World Sleep Day Special deal where you can get the Emma Signature Bed for free – details below.

Emma NextGen Premium mattress (Double): 30% off all sizes at Emma

Emma NextGen Premium mattress (Double): <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="sponsored">30% off all sizes at Emma
The Emma NextGen Premium mattress is 30% off in the Emma sale for World Sleep Day. It has a medium-firmness that keeps the spine aligned, reduces aches and pains and offers a soft and cosy surface. Its motion isolation and edge support is admirable, and the standout of the show is its improved temperature regulation.

Discounts on all sizes!

  • Single: was £489, now £342.30
  • Double: was £719, now £503.39
  • King: was £809, now £566.30
  • Super King: was £929, now £650.30
Emma Signature Bedroom Set: get the Emma Signature Bed for free!

Emma Signature Bedroom Set: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="sponsored">get the Emma Signature Bed for free!
For World Sleep Day, you can get the Emma Signature Bed for free when you buy the Emma Signature Bedroom Set. In the bundle, you get the Emma Signature Bed, the Emma NextGen Premium mattress, the Emma Premium Pillow and the Emma Cloud Duvet. Double, king and super king sizes are available and discounted.

For more low prices on your new sleep set-up, check out the best cheap mattress deals and sales.

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