Mr Jones Watches Ricochet XL – because sometimes, size does matter

Our favourite alternative watchmaker is back with a bigger version of an obscenely cool watch

The Mr Jones Watches Ricochet XL on a pink background
(Image credit: Mark Horton)
Quick Summary

Popular watchmaker, Mr Jones Watches have just unveiled their latest watch.

Taking their popular Ricochet model and beefing it up a bit, the Ricochet XL is perfect for those with larger wrists.

While they may be slightly unorthodox, the good folks at Mr Jones Watches make some of my favourite watches right now. Their nihilistic view of the concept of time frees them from the reins of traditionalism, allowing for true works of art to appear on your wrist.

Their work is iconic. From the effortlessly Instagram-worthy Berry Late Again and Blueberry Late models, to the iconic A Perfectly Useless Afternoon or the stylish Tadaima, the brand are synonymous with watch enthusiasts who reject tradition and embrace art.

One of their coolest models is the Ricochet. That depicts a quartet of robots playing pinball – and it's now available in an XL case for those with larger wrists.

The new 45mm case diameter is paired with a 53mm lug-to-lug width. That's a sizable chunk, though the crown sitting at the 4:30 position should help with wearability.

The beauty of this piece on a larger dial is that you'll get a much better look at it. And if any dial was deserving of a bigger canvas, it's this one.

The Ricochet sees each of the four robots on the dial gilded in metallic foil. That uses yellow gold, palladium and rose gold, with a gorgeous texture on each.

Then, of course, there's the pinball machine. No metallic foil here, though the time is displayed in the screen of the machine. That's a jumping hour movement, which sees the hour snap over sharply every sixty minutes.

It's an automatic movement, too. That ensures that you'll never need to worry about a new battery, instead powering the movement with your own activity throughout the day.

At £695, this is one of the more pricey watches in the Mr Jones Watches collection. It really is worth it though – the Ricochet is a fantastic piece and if you fancy a larger dial to see it in even better detail, you really can't miss this one.

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