Mint Mobile now offering 3 months of free service for new customers

Mint Mobile's Early Access Black Friday Sale offer is an unbeatable value

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Mint Mobile, the crazy affordable phone service that you've seen Ryan Reynolds advertising so much lately, is now offering an incredible deal for Black Friday.

The premium, budget-friendly wireless service is giving away 3 months of service for free when new customers purchase any 3 month plan. That's 6 months of Mint Mobile's wireless at 50% off, which is a pretty amazing deal when all is said and done.

With other "budget-friendly" wireless services starting at around $30/month, Mint Mobile already comes under that with plans starting as low as $15/month. Operating off of T-Mobiles current 5G network, Mint Mobile provides solid coverage across the nation at a fraction of the cost other providers run at.

Mint Mobile wireless plans are available in four data rates, each of which includes 3 months of service at no additional charge during the promotion:

  • 4GB/month: $15 per month – $45 for 3 months of service plus 3 months free
  • 10GB/month: $20 per month – $60 for 3 months of service plus 3 months free
  • 15GB/month: $25 per month – $75 for 3 months of service plus 3 months free
  • Unlimited: $30 per month – $90 for 3 months of service plus 3 months free

These affordable plans, alongside a bevvy of deals on the latest phones, including the new iPhone 14, make for the perfect phone service for those looking to cut their monthly phone bills down. Mint Mobile's phone deals include a decent selection of the latest smartphones and classic options, such as the new Google Pixel 7 Pro for just $50/month.

On top of the great selection of phone deals and 3 months of service at no additional charge that Mint Mobile is offering as part of their Early Access Black Friday Sale, they also offer one of the cheapest family plans available. With 2 lines starting at just $15/month per line, a family of four can easily get a premium wireless plan for less than $100 a month total.

If you missed out on their previous offer, which offered 6 months of free service to new customers, then this is a great opportunity to give Mint Mobile a try at a reduced price point. The available plans, which start at $15/month, offer 5G/4G LTE data plans to suit the needs of anyone looking to switch carriers.

The offer is available until January 15, 2023 and is available only to new customers switching over to Mint Mobile. Once purchased, customers must activate their new line within 45 days otherwise the offer will no longer be valid. Unfortunately, this limited time offer is unavailable to customers who have purchased a plan within the last 90 days and Mint Mobile free trial customers.


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