Mint Mobile now has cheap phone plans for the whole family

Phone plans at just $15/month per line plus give Mint Mobile a try with their free trial offer

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Mint Mobile is now offering Family Plans for those looking to cut down on their monthly phone bill.

The Ryan Reynolds owned budget-friendly wireless mobile service, which features one of the cheapest prepaid phone plans available on a 5G network, introduced their Family Plans with prices starting at just $15/month per line.

Making Mint Mobile one of the best phone plans for two or more lines, the new service offers an excellent alternative to the more expensive services that larger companies like AT&T and T-Mobile offer.

While budget-friendly mobile services often feature a more limited range in terms of coverage, Mint Mobile runs on the same 5G networks that AT&T and T-Mobile use. This means the service provides solid coverage across the nation at a fraction of the price.

If the new family plans aren't enough to convince you to give Mint Mobile a shot, they've even started offering a 7-Day Free Trial to let users try before they buy. Something we've yet to see from other carriers, the free trial is a godsend in making sure Mint Mobile is the best choice to go with.

Mint Mobile's free trial is even to try, requiring only your current unlocked phone or a physical SIM card that they'll send you at no charge. It also works alongside you current service, meaning you won't have to cancel any current plans to give Mint Mobile a try. They even give you a separate number at no charge to use during the free trial.

Mint also offers some of the latest phones at pretty incredible prices, like the latest Apple iPhone SE, so if you're hesitant about giving them a shot don't fret. They have a great selection of the latest smartphones, many of which feature deals and discounted pricing when you sign up.

The addition of both a cheap prepaid phone plan for the family plus a 7 day free trial to test out Mint's service is more than welcome, especially as so many of us are looking to cut our monthly bills down in these tight times.

Try Mint Mobile free for 7 days

Try Mint Mobile free for 7 days
Give one of the best cheap prepaid phone plans a shot at no charge for a whole week and see if Mint Mobile is right for you. Seriously, it's free and Mint provides everything you need to give their service a try before you buy.

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