Virgin Media broadband customers just got a brilliant free speed upgrade

Faster internet unlocked for free

Virgin Media broadband
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Virgin Media customers who are currently subscribed to its M100 and M200 broadband services just got a brilliant free early Xmas gift.

That's because the Virgin Media M100 and M200 services have just been upgraded for free so that they deliver up to 24% faster broadband speeds.

This rapid speed boost sees the M100 service get a 22% internet speed boost, while the M200 service gets a 24% increase. This means that M100 max speed increases from 108Mbps to 132Mbps, while the M200 max speed increases from 213Mbps to 264Mbps.

To get the speed boost, which is available now, Virgin Media customers simply need to reboot their broadband hub by switching it off and on again, or reboot it via the Virgin Media Connect app.

In addition, new Virgin Media customers will also benefit from the speed boosts, with the M100 turning into the M125, and the M200 transforming into the M250, offering the same upgraded speeds.

The T3 take: A welcome free broadband upgrade

Waking up and finding that the service you're paying for has just got better for free is a great thing in my book, especially now when the cost of living is rising markedly across the board.

The importance of fast internet is now more important than ever before, too. Gamers, for example, now need to regularly download huge game files that come in at over 100GB, as well as a number of updates, and having slow internet means that takes a very long time.

Equally, all the most popular streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus are now offering their new shows and movies in 4K HDR quality, and again that means a lot of downloading or broadband demand to stream without buffering.

And, on top of that, every modern appliance and piece of technology basically needs an internet connection to work best, so having broadband to spare on your internet connection is incredibly desirable.

Partner a fast broadband connection with one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems, and your home is going to be fit for purpose in terms of keeping everything and everyone connected. So this free upgrade from Virgin Media is very welcome.

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