Minecraft goes Windows VR and adds easy Mixer live streaming

Strap your Windows Mixed Reality Headset to your face and get ready for blocky brilliance

Windows Mixed Reality hasn’t been around that long but it already has some top new playable content thanks to a fresh Minecraft update.

Now Minecraft gamers with Windows Mixed Reality Headsets are able to play in their favourite blocky world in virtual reality. The Windows 10 update means players are not longer limited to a big virtual screen but rather can enjoy looking around in the virtual world.

But that’s not all that’s arrived. Minecraft has also been updated to include Microsoft Mixer smarts in-game. That means that live streaming your latest build is easier than ever as you can do it right there within the game. 

This also allows for interactions from those watching your stream, at certain designated points. So viewers can affect conditions like turning the tour to night to see if you survive the journey back. That should make for a far more interactive and entertaining live streaming experience for both sides of the event.

This all means cross-platform fun that will work for up to eight players across Windows 10 PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One and virtual reality platforms.

All this new goodness comes in the latest Aquatic update. This name wasn’t random, it will also bring lots of new oceanic extras like coral reefs, shipwrecks, water bound species and more.

Luke Edwards

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