Loewe's Stellar OLED TVs aim to match picture performance with premium design

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Loewe has launched its new Stellar OLED TV in multiple screen sizes.

Focused on premium design, the range starts with a 42-inch model priced at £3,299  / €3,299.

Loewe has announced a new luxury-grade OLED TV, called Stellar, which it's launching this month. 

It looks like a really impressive display with premium OLED TV features, but also has some gorgeous design notes that befit Loewe's more aesthetically-conscious brand. 

In particular, it has a striking x-shaped stand that can extend to leave the TV floating without needing a dedicated countertop, making for a potentially pretty addition to a room. 

 Perhaps unbelievably, the back of the TV features a thin layer of real concrete, accented by the TV's frame of aluminium, and the overall effect is classy to the extreme. 

Loewe says the Stellar, in all its sizes, uses W-OLED MLA META display technology to bring both depth and sharpness to whatever you're watching. And it all continues to be made in Germany at the source. 

Also new with the Stellar is the Loewe os9 operating system, a new version of the company's proprietary TV operating system. It promises smoother navigation and more responsive controls.  

The Stellar will come with a built-in dual tuner and recording system, impressively, making it basically a self-contained DVR for those who want that, and it's also seemingly going to be fantastic for gaming.

With a 144Hz variable refresh rate (VRR) panel and four HDMI 2.1 ports on the back of the TV, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the most advanced display features of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X if you connect either. 

Loewe says that it'll first launch the Stellar later this month in 42 and 55-inch screen sizes, with 48, 65, 77, 83 and 97-inch versions all to follow down the line, so it'll also apparently be a really adaptable option.

It's not going to come cheap, though, with the 42-inch version starting at £3,299  / €3,299, while the 83-inch version will top out at a massive £18,999 / €19,999. Pricing isn't yet final for the 97-inch version, but you can assume it'll be fairly eye-opening. 

Still, this is the sort of TV that you're probably only shopping for if you've got a budget that stretches quite far past the likes of even LG and Panasonic's premium sets. It'll be intriguing to go hands-on and see how it holds up. 

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