LAST CHANCE! Cheap gym membership offer from PureGym – NO joining fee

Offer ends midnight, pay less for your new gym membership until midnight

Puregym deal cheap gym membership offer
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It is January, which means a lot of us had a look in the mirror and realised that gorging ourselves on all the food in the world during the festive break hasn't done our bodies a favour. Signing up for a gym membership has never looked more appealing and if you are seriously contemplating about visiting the church of iron regularly, PureGym has an offer for you: sign up until midnight 6 January and pay no joining fee.

• No joining fee when you sign up with PureGym, use the code ZEROJF  – deal ends at midnight 6 January 2020! (opens in new tab)

PureGym operates on a one-month rolling contract basis, so even if you change your mind later, you can freeze or cancel your membership at any point. Also, all PureGyms are open all around the clock and they have on-hand personal trainers as well – although you probably won't find any at 3 AM when you are planning on working out, sorry.

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Join PureGym today | Low prices | Over 250 gyms across the UK | No contract (opens in new tab)
Thinking about joining a gym? PureGym has over 250 units all across the UK and you won't need a contact either when you sign up – leave anytime if you change your mind. Students save even more on fixed term memberships: up to 30% off. Find your nearest gym by clicking on the button below. Sign up before midnight 6 January and pay no joining fee (use the code ZEROJF)!

Why should you sign up for a PureGym membership

PureGym is UK's favourite gym – according to PureGym anyway. PureGym has a lot to offer to potential gym-goers: 24-hour opening time, no-contract memberships and over 260 gyms nationwide, so there is surely one PureGym near you. You can find the nearest one to you here (opens in new tab).

PureGym is especially ideal for people wanting to attend classes: there are more than 50 classes (opens in new tab) each week to choose and even better, group classes are included in your membership!

• No joining fee when you sign up with PureGym, use the code ZEROJF  – deal ends at midnight 6 January 2020! (opens in new tab)

In the words of Sir Chris Hoy, who also happens to be a PureGym Ambassador: "PureGym offers really great fitness facilities with enthusiastic, supportive staff. They offer 99% of what 99% of the population could possibly want for a truly great work-out". And even of half of this is true, you will find all your gym needs with PureGym. 

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