Kabata's AI dumbbells can analyse your form and correct posture in real-time

Lift smarter, not harder

Kabata AI Dumbbells
(Image credit: Kabata)

It was only a matter of time until artificial intelligence (AI) entered the resistance training market. Enter Fitness startup Kabata's AI-powered dumbbell, offering weights ranging from 5 to 60 lbs in a single, smart package that learns and adapts to the user’s progress.

The AI-powered dumbbells are designed to address common challenges faced by fitness enthusiasts, such as planning effective workouts, dealing with bulky equipment, and the high cost of personal trainers. 

Kabata's adjustable dumbbells are the first of their kind to integrate real-time rep counting, form analysis, and AI-powered coaching. The dumbbells adjust their weight automatically based on your progress and needs.

It's not the first time we've seen dumbbells that automatically count reps. The JaxJox DumbbellConnect, powered by an app-based algorithm, does just that. Many Garmin watches are also capable of counting reps as you work out. 

However, unlike JaxJox and performance wearables, Kabata is said to offer real-time form analysis and correction to guide users through their workouts. This feature ensures that users maintain proper form, reducing the risk of injury.

Plus, Kabata’s Velocity-Based Training (VBT) feature tracks the quality of each rep, a sophisticated metric that ensures you are progressing 'safely and effectively'.

Kabata AI Dumbbells

(Image credit: Kabata)

Another standout feature is Kabata's integration of haptic feedback. These vibrations, pulses, and rumbles notify you about your form, set completion, and personal bests, almost gamifying the strength training experience.

The upcoming AI-powered home weights have already garnered significant attention from professional athletes, VCs, and fitness enthusiasts.

“Kabata’s AI dumbbells represent a revolutionary leap in the realm of strength training equipment,” stated Bradley Chubb, 2x Pro Bowl Linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and Kabata investor. “Kabata encourages you to feel stronger, healthier, and happier with evidence-based progression.”

You can pre-order the Kabata dumbbells now for $799, which is $200 off MSRP. The website doesn't state how long the early bird discount will last, but it's expected to ship in fall/autumn 2024, so relatively soon. For more info, visit Kabata today.

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