Outdoor clothing brand Jack Wolfskin's latest collection is designed for researchers and conservationist

Available in spring 2023, the collection is engineered to provide maximum protection while trekking in challenging outdoor environments

Jack Wolfskin Discover Wilderness Collection
(Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

Jack Wolfskin chose the perfect location to promote its latest Discover Wilderness Collection: the Scottish Highlands. Famous for its rugged terrain unspoiled by human activity and constantly changing weather, the area is a prime spot for adventurers, scientists and anyone interested in the Great Outdoors. Scotland is also famous for its hydroelectric power production, with dozens of dams producing enough renewable energy to power roughly half of Scotland’s homes.

Available in spring 2023, the technical Discover Wilderness Collection is said to be engineered to provide maximum protection while trekking in challenging outdoor environments when the weather can change instantly. The collection also marks the first time Jack Wolfskin paired its Texapore Ecosphere waterproof breathable membrane, made from pre-consumer waste, with Schoeller's two- and three-layer shell fabric technologies that are soft, supple and nearly silent yet offer unsurpassed weather protection and interior comfort.

During the production of the campaign, storyteller Taylor Rees and her scientist father Todd went out to explore the Scottish highlands, the birthplace of hydroelectric power and discover Scotland's smallest creatures through a macro lens or fly by drone from the sky over one of Scotland's largest dams, as can be seen in the video above.

Primarily designed for researchers, conservationists and all who live to discover, the Discover Wilderness Collection of men's and women's jackets, pants, shirts, vests, accessories, footwear and equipment was field tested for durability and performance in rain, heat and jagged rocky terrain. Technical details are abundant in the apparel, footwear and packs, from ventilation solutions to pocket placements and zipper designs.

Head over to Jack Wolfskin for more info about the new Discover Wilderness Collection. Check out T3's best waterproof jackets, best walking trousers and best hiking boots guides for more outdoor apparel options. 

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