Is this the Sony PlayStation 5 you would buy?

This Sony PS5 concept design offers a fresh look at the what the next PlayStation console could look like

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Abdelrahman Shaapan)

We're still waiting on Sony to unveil the PS5 - which may have had its debut pushed back to next month from its planned February reveal - but to tide us over, we can imagine that these stunning renders are somewhere close to the real PlayStation 5 thing, along with the LCD panel along the front of the console, that is its standout feature.

The concept art comes from designer Abdelrahman Shaapan and includes mocked up product shots and promo images that incorporate the officially confirmed logo, as well as touching on the features we have to look froward to with the next-gen console.  

PS5 Sony PlayStation 5

(Image credit: Abdelrahman Shaapan)

Shapaan has taken some liberties with the features, while playing it safe with the rectangular form factor that looks fairly similar to the PS4. It's a surprising choice, in light of the possible new design we might see this upcoming generation.

Microsoft has moved on to a tower rather than making another bog standard box, and it looks more like a smart speaker than a console. From what we've heard about Sony's machine, we're expecting a v-shaped structure integrated somewhere on the console , but the render has skipped right over it.

Instead, it leans into the realms of the unannounced and unanticipated, and is sporting a customisable LCD screen along the front. It looks great on paper, but with the potential cost of the console already coming under scrutiny, investing in an unnecessary but still very nice and swanky component would be a misstep that could see the price tag skyrocket. 

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5

(Image credit: Abdelrahman Shaapan)

Some redditors were less taken with the design, comparing it to digital scales, the PS4 Slim, and questioning why the LCD panel was necessary to include at all. But with no actual PS5 console to drool over, this is going to have to do the job in the meantime. 

We doubt Sony is going to make its February reveal window, so we'll sit tight until next month when we'll get a glimpse of the PS5, if we're lucky. The console is set to launch alongside the Xbox Series X this holiday season, but the release may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Neither company has made an official announcement on that yet, so for now, stick the consoles on your Christmas list and keep your fingers crossed.

Source: Abdelrahman Shaapan via CCN

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