iPhone 17 Pro tipped for a performance boost that'll make it a huge upgrade

A big change in the processor is reportedly planned

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Apple will allegedly be the first main benefactor of TSMC's new 2nm chips. They'll be ready by 2025 and likely to provide the processing inside the iPhone 17 Pro models.

The main boosts they'll offer are increased performance and lower power consumption – potentially enabling better battery life.

Apple could be among the first manufacturers to adopt a new chip process next year, which would potentially give its iPhone 17 Pro flagship phones a big performance boost over the forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro.

It is reported that manufacturer TSMC, which makes processors for Apple, will supply 2nm chips for the 2025 phones that could greatly reduce power consumption while also increasing performance.

Currently, Apple's processors use hardware based on TSMC's 3nm architecture, and are already speedy and efficient. By reducing the transistor size further, and therefore increasing their number on the same chip, should allow for even more impressive gains.

That could also include a saving in battery life, thanks to the lower power it takes to run many of the same tasks.

Digitimes reports that Apple will be the primary client for the new chips and that mass production will start in the latter half of next year.

Of course, we've not even had the iPhone 16 models yet, which aren't expected to emerge until September. But, if true, the additional leap in chip design could make some think twice about upgrading this year.

However, there are likely to be many other upgrades for this year's models to tempt you anyway – bigger batteries and a significant camera upgrade for the Pro are both heavily rumoured, for example.

There will also be new AI capabilities, it is claimed, which will come as part of the A18 Pro chip. It'll allegedly include a new neural engine dedicated to on-board artificial intelligence processing, in order for Apple to catch up with other flagship phone manufacturers.

And, with all that being said, the existing iPhone 15 Pro devices are exceptional handsets too, so you might not want to even wait that long before opting for a new phone. There are several deals around to look out for too.

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