iPhone 16 won’t get the blues as Apple tipped to change colours

iPhone 16 Pro is expected to lose the blue colour option

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Apple will reportedly drop the blue colour option for this year's Pro models, in favour of a rose-tinted model.

Standard iPhone 16 models are also said to be gaining a new colour – white.

A new iPhone means a new selection of colours, and this year's model is no exception: Apple will tweak its colour options for the iPhone 16 range, and that means some of the current model colours are going away.

That's bad news for fans of the Blue Titanium iPhone 15 Pro: that colour is apparently being dropped to make way for a new rose-tinted titanium option instead.

That's according to well connected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose latest report says that Apple is rejigging the colours and introducing two new ones. And the report tracks with previous rumours that also predicted the replacement of the blue Pro with a rose coloured one. So what other colours are coming?

What are the iPhone 16 colour options for 2024?

According to Kuo, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will be coming in black, green, pink, blue and white – with that latter colour replacing the current yellow model.

The other colours are expected to be the same colours as the current ones but it's possible that Apple will tweak the names and shades in a bit of marketing tomfoolery, much like it did when it renamed the white finish to "starlight" in the iPhone 13.

For the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, Kuo says that the 2024 colours will be black, white/silver, natural titanium and the new rose colour.

Although so far Kuo's report hasn't been corroborated the details look accurate: Apple likes to tweak the colour options every year to keep the range looking fresh. But if the new colour ranges are indeed as described then 2024 is going to be a relatively dull year for iPhone designs: all the predicted colours are pretty inoffensive and pastel-y. We're a long way from the vivid, kids-toy hues of the iPhone 5C, which to my eyes had the most fun colours of any iPhone range to date. 

Of course colours aren't the only design details, but we're not expecting anything too radical with the rest of the design either: other than a new capture button for photography and some minor screen size changes in the more expensive iPhones, the designs this year will be tweaks rather than massively changed.

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