iPhone 16 Pro design leaked, shows an all-new button and more

The new iPhone just got unveiled – photographers will love this

iPhone 15 Pro Max
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Quick Summary

Renders have leaked of the iPhone 16 Pro model.

Among the biggest changes on show is a new button which should make life much easier for photographers.

The tech world is absolutely peppered with new product releases. In fact, it seems like you can't turn around these days without another new phone falling in front of you.

These will often promise new features and functionality to whet the appetites of enthusiasts. But despite all of the options, few brands can garner the excitement of a new iPhone release.

Thanks to the command Apple have over technology consumers, launch events from the brands are met with a high degree of excitement. And as the key component of their product offering, the iPhone gets more excitement than just about anything else.

Now, we've seen a leaked render of the next-gen iPhone 16 Pro – and there are some pretty significant adjustments on show. Arguably the biggest update comes to the physical button layout on the device. 

That sees a new 'Capture button' employed on the side, beneath the power button. As the name suggests, that would offer a dedicated button for snapping photos, making the photography experience more tactile.

According to the report, the button would also be capacitive. That could enable the control of focus or zoom, as well as being a shutter button. That's certainly an interesting prospect. 

Quite how user-friendly a capacitive slider would be in that context I don't know, but I'd be excited to try. Having extra control over the camera would certainly be a welcome addition, regardless.

Elsewhere, the action button is said to get a little larger, while the overall dimensions suggest a 6.1-inch handset. That seems to be at loggerheads with other rumours, which pointed to a slightly larger model.

Still, with around six months until we'd expect the handsets to launch, there is time for things to change. Early rumours are always worth taking with a pinch of salt, as even if they are the current design, things may change before launch.

This is a very exciting prospect though – we'll be keeping an eye out for further rumours over the coming weeks and months.

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