Apple iPhone 16: news, rumours and predictions for 2024 models

Here we go again

iPhone 15 dummies
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That's not a typo. The iPhone 15 has only just launched and yet here we are, talking about its successor, the iPhone 16. But that's just how the quest for innovation goes, you can never stand still.

As of now, information is thin on the ground but we'll bring you the best of what we've heard and what we think could happen.

iPhone 16 price and release date: When in 2024?

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max up close

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This is one area where we feel pretty confident in our predictions. It's almost a certainty that the iPhone 16 will launch in September 2024. That is of course unless market factors bring about a delay, but it looks a pretty safe bet.

As for the price, there's not really been much to go on but the iPhone 15 launched at $799/£799 and the 15 Pro Max at $1199/£1199. That was actually a price drop in the UK (thanks Apple). It's fair to expect a similar ballpark when it comes to the iPhone 16... unless. The long-rumoured iPhone Ultra failed to arrive with the iPhone 15, with it believed to be introduced with the iPhone 16 series. If true, this ultimate iPhone could end up breaking the regular pricing strategy for those with deep pockets.

iPhone 16 design

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max debuted the new titanium design, and I guess a key question for the 16 will be if the base models will get a similar upgrade. Titanium is an expensive material but if anyone can do it, Apple can. This would probably make for the lightest iPhone ever.

If the iPhone 15 Pro Max's 6.7-inch display isn't big enough for you, then 2024 may be your year. There's word that it could feature a 6.9-inch display and be the biggest iPhone ever. Some believe this is to facilitate an increase in the size of the camera array

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's "tetraprism" zoom lens is one of its standout features, providing optical zoom at up to 5x magnification. Unfortunately, this wasn't also the case with the iPhone 15 Pro. There is speculation however this could be rectified for the 16 with both Pro phones set to receive this upgrade.

After many rumours suggesting the iPhone 15 wouldn't feature physical buttons, that wasn't correct in the end but could the iPhone 16 finally be the phone to shed them?

And who knows what an iPhone Ultra looks like, if it even exists. 

iPhone 16 features

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Again with a year to go, the focus is on the iPhone 15 rather than its successor, but if you asked us what could happen next year, we'd expect the biggest differences to relate to the Apple Vision Pro. Apple's headset is scheduled for a launch in 2024 and as long that keeps on track, we should see a lot of iPhone features that work in conjunction with the Vision Pro,

Even this year, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be able to take 3D-style spatial photos to be viewed later in the Vision Pro. Other than that, I'd love to see the improved optical zoom of the 15 Pro Max come to the smaller Pro model too for true parity. A bumped-up battery life would be appreciated too. 

With the iPhone 15's focus on gaming performance, perhaps the next phone will go big on gaming too, perhaps even aiming to be a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck rival? 

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