Apple's new iPhone camera tech could see a MAJOR redesign for its smartphones

The iPhone 13 release is next up for Apple but it's already looking into stellar upgrades for the iPhone 14

iPhone 12
(Image credit: Apple)

As smartphone camera tech continues to improve at a rapid pace, it seems that Apple has some big upgrades in store for the iPhone 14 when it launches in 2022. 

A new report reveals that Apple is looking for a supplier of a folded camera, which would be included in upcoming devices and mark a significant upgrade, especifically the optical zoom functionality. 

The report from Korea IT News reveals that Apple is at least investigating the possibility of including a folded camera in the iPhone 14. The tech, which is similar to how a periscope works, uses lenses that are positioned horizontally, not vertically, and light refraction, which makes for thinner camera lenses and allows for significantly better optical zoom. 

While it may not sound like much, this tech could result in some big improvements when it comes to the pictures you can take on your iPhone. With better optical zoom, Apple might be able to up its camera offering to match the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S20, or Galaxy S20 Ultra

The other big selling point is that this could result in the end of the camera bump. As camera tech in smartphones has improved we have seen almost every manufacturer favour a design where the camera protrudes slightly from the rest of the phone, creating a raised section on the back of the device. Thanks to the folded camera tech positioning lenses horizontally not vertically, this could become a thing of the past as less vertical space is needed. 

Twitter leaker and host of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, suggests that this tech woll roll out in the iPhone 14 at the earliest. There is a pretty strong case for this claim, as it seems Apple is currently at in the early stages, and looking suppliers, so don't expect to see it in the iPhone 13

Source: Korea IT News