The best Samsung Galaxy S21 feature is heading to Oppo – and it will be MUCH cheaper

Oppo lines up Galaxy S21 rivalling camera tech for its Reno smartphone

Oppo Reno Render
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

New renders of a possible upcoming Oppo Reno smartphone have been produced and they show off some new camera designs that look impressive. 

The Oppo Reno line of phones has long been a frontrunner when it comes to camera technology in the mid-range market, with the likes of the Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G and the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom pushing the boundaries of what camera tech can be included in cheaper devices. 

Oppo Reno render

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The new renders, which come from LetsGoDigital are based on a recent patent from Oppo for the Reno line. The big talking point is the horizontal positioning of the three rear cameras, which have typically been vertically aligned on Reno devices so far. 

With three lenses horizontally aligned across the back of the device, it should be harder to obscure the camera with your finger, which has been an issue for some Oppo users with the cameras placed in the top corner of the device, but it will probably come at a cost of internal space for other components. Oppo will have to pack in some high powered but tiny components to make up for this. 

One of the lenses seen in this configuration is square, which would suggest this is a zoom camera; combine that with a patent that Oppo recently secured for a 15x zoom smartphone camera and there is a good chance that this device will feature a massive 15x zoom camera. 

On the front of the device, a hole-punch selfie camera can be seen, with it being positioned pretty high on the phone. The screen takes up almost all of the front of the device, making this a very striking smartphone that looks incredible. 

While these renders are based on patents, we could see a device similar to this to appear sometime in the near future. The design is quite similar to other Oppo phones, with the new camera tech and positioning shown in the patent documents being the key new features. 

Oppo has been making a lot of interesting moves when it comes to new tech, especially in the camera space. Recent reports suggest that the firm is working on a device that will bring its impressive under-screen camera technology prototype to market in 2021, potentially ahead of competitors like Samsung, who's rumored to be rolling it out in the Galaxy Z Fold 3, or even the Galaxy Note 21

The company also recently revealed the ridiculous sliding screen tech it has been working on in the Oppo X 2021, and might even be expanding into the tablet market

Source: LetsGoDigital