iPhone 13 video shows stunning new flagship and Apple VR headset

This iPhone 13 and Apple VR headset concept video shows us just how special the products could be

iPhone 13 video Apple VR headset
(Image credit: Antonio De Rosa, ADRStudio | ConceptsiPhone)

Hype for the iPhone 13 is now approaching crazy-high levels, with reports pointing to a powerful new flagship range of phones that not only is set to deliver some really big changes, but one that could be with us earlier than anyone expected.

Throw in the rumors that the iPhone 13 is also going to sport a blisteringly vivid always-on display, an enhanced camera system, and a smaller than ever notch, and it looks like this year's iPhone 13 launch is very much going to be a tock year rather than a tick.

Right now, though, we are still in the dark as to what exactly the iPhone 13 will look like, and what sort of "one more thing" Tim Cook is going to drop at the end of the new range's launch event.

Well now, thanks to a stunning new iPhone 13 video trailer, we've just got introduced to the "iPhone 13 VR" flagship smartphone as well as an "All-new VR Headset With Apple View". Check out the video below.

The advanced phone and VR headset shown off in this concept video is the brainchild of talented designer Antonio De Rosa, who launched his vision for the new iPhone on the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel.

The phone itself is notable thanks to its VR-ready 240Hz Retina Display as well as futuristic rear display. The iPhone 13 VR here also comes with 5G connectivity, a 2TB storage drive, an A15 Bionic processor, completely portless design with SmartConnector, and quad-lens rear camera array with dual 50MP wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle main snappers.

Battery size rests at 3050 mAh and the phone is envisioned to come in three different colorways, including Virtual Green, Full Black, Classic Blue.

In terms of the VR headset, while we get to see the concept design from every angle, very little information is given as to its specs and performance, even though the headset is listed as supporting FaceID and Eye Tracking. In terms of design, though, the Apple VR headset here looks very similar to a streamlined Google Daydream View.

As to how likely we are to see either of these products at the iPhone 13 launch event in September, here at T3 we think it is very unlikely, and especially so for the handset itself.

The iPhone 13 VR here looks incredible but it is orders of magnitude more advanced than the iPhone 12 and includes a number of technologies that aren't even available on the best Android phones of the moment, which is typically where we see new smartphone technology debuted now.

And, while we're expecting big things from the iPhone 13, nobody is predicting that level of upgrade.

As to the VR headset, that is more possible yet still unlikely. A report earlier this year indicated that Apple was working on a new VR headset and had the tech scheduled for launch next year, so we could see a teaser at this year's September event.

All this said, though, it is still really cool to see these two concept designs, as it shows us how special both future iPhones and Apple VR headsets could be. Here's hoping we hear more about both the iPhone 13 and Apple VR headset soon.

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