iPhone 11 to get flexible screen from Samsung Galaxy X

The new iPhone could have this flexible super-power

iPhone 11 concept
(Image credit: letsgodigital)

The new iPhone 11 from Apple could come with a rather special display as it may be the same screen used by the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone. But does that mean the iPhone 11 will be a foldable handset?

The key here is that industry sources have pointed out that Apple could buy Samsung OLED flexible displays. Flexible and foldable aren't the same thing though. While the display may be able to fold, it doesn't necessarily have to be used for that purpose, it could simply be a way of offering a better fold at the edges for a smaller bezel, or for curved sides.

What it does suggest is that Apple intends to make a change to its screen design for the next big jump forward in the iPhone 11. The key feature of this display, other than that flexibility, is the inclusion of touch sensitivity. This means the touch sensors are built into the screen so another layer isn't required. This could help make for a smaller end result in the new iPhone.

By seeking components that offer more efficient use of space it looks like Apple is working on enhancing other areas. That could mean a bigger battery, a larger camera sensor or more cameras, or even a new sensor entirely. 

This single component could also represent a cost saving for Apple. So that might mean an even more affordable OLED iPhone 11. Perhaps the iPhone XR will get a price cut and add an OLED display in 2019.

Expect plenty more leaks between now and the expected iPhone 11 reveal in September 2019.

Luke Edwards

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