Lenovo's new Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet and Yoga 910 laptop are supermodel thin

Feature-filled and super-thin to boot

As IFA 2016 continues to shower us in techy goodness, Chinese electronics firm Lenovo has just unveiled two brand new additions to its Yoga range, including the convertible laptop the Yoga 910 and the 2-in-1 Yoga Book tablet.

The Yoga Book has T3 particularly excited thanks to a raft of features included as standard. For instance, you're getting a Halo keyboard and a Real Pen device. The real-pen accessory also allows you to write and draw with pen and paper while instantly digitizing their notes and sketches.

The productivity-optimized Book UI even enables you to open and work on multiple apps at once, stay totally organized, and go all-day with a very hand 15 hours of battery life.

Oh, and the Yoga Book will be available in both Windows and Android flavours, so you can make that versatile 2-in-1 laptop work for you regardless of your choice in operating system.

The Yoga 910 convertible laptop is just as feature rich, with its screen coming in both 4K and Full HD versions. That near edgeless display (5mm bezel) also offers 10% more screen area, a 14% increase in pixel density compared to the previous model for sharper, clearer images and more.

The Yoga 910 also comes with DolbyAudioPremium, giving your music collection that extra boost when you're chilling at home or working on the move.

Available later this month, the Yoga 910 will retail for £1,099 and the Yoga Book will come with a price tag of £449 for the Android Wi-Fi version and £549 for the Windows Wi-Fi version.

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