Huge Pixel Watch marketing image leak reveals every detail

With just two days to go, this is your best look yet at Google’s first smartwatch

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

Google is to formally announce the Pixel Watch this week, on 6 October, but in the wake of the latest leak there probably isn’t much more for the company to say.

A set of leaked marketing images leave little to the imagination, with the Pixel Watch’s faces, user interface and strap options all shown off in close detail. The images also show how the smartwatch’s heart rate sensor works, what taking a phone call looks like, how the watch charges, and even how it pairs to a smartphone.

The images have come from several sources, most notably Slashleaks and an Amazon product listing that saw the smartwatch appear on the retailer’s website before it should have done. Although later removed, screenshots of the Pixel Watch show it and its features in great detail.

There appears to be a broad range of digital watch faces to pick from, including ones that mimic traditional watches, simple numeric displays, and one that spells out the time – as in, “nine oh five” for 09:05.

One image shows the Pixel Watch next to some water droplets, suggesting the wearable will have some form of IP water resistance certification. As with other smartwatches, this will likely see the Google watch capable of surviving while showering and swimming but not diving.

The leaks also show a wide range of bands, with several colour options for silicone, leather and woven fabric straps, plus the watch’s USB-C charging dock. The battery life has also seemingly been confirmed, at a claimed 24 hours. This longevity is key, given how the marketing material also explains how the Pixel Watch can be used to monitor the wearer’s sleep quality.

Images detailing how the watch is paired to a smartphone reveals how the wearable will require a handset running Android 8.0 or newer.

Lastly, hands-on impressions of a Pixel Watch strap that appears to have arrived early confirms how there will be two size options, small (130-175mm wrist circumference) and large (165-210mm).

There really isn’t much more to expect from the Piel Watch at this stage, although the release date and all-important price are both yet to be confirmed. We’ll find out at Google’s product launch event, which takes place on 6 October and will also see the reveal of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, plus new smart home devices from Nest.

Alistair Charlton

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