This video shows the Pixel Watch in unprecedented detail

With just days before the Pixel Watch launch, Google is showing its smartwatch from every angle

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

We're just days away from the Pixel Watch launch, which we're expecting to see on October 6, and that means Google's marketing machine is already swinging into high gear. A new Google video, currently appearing as an ad to some YouTube viewers, shows some pictures from the Pixel 7 Pro as well as lots and lots of views of the Pixel Watch. I've embedded the clip below.

We've already seen leaks of the packaging images for the Pixel Watch, and multiple leaks have described the expected specifications: an Exynos 9110 chipset, a 300mAh battery, a redesigned WearOS experience with strong Pixel phone integration and Fitbit fitness tracking. This video is the first time we've seen that latter feature in action, and it's looking pretty good.

The Pixel Watch doesn't have many secrets left

The video was spotted by 9to5google, and at the time of writing it's been shown to nearly a million people already despite being an unlisted video. It appears to show the woven strap as well as a good-looking leather watch band, and there's a good close-up of the Fitbit interface showing what looks like heart zones, BPM, steps and other key metrics.

As 9to5google reports, we also see the Now Playing screen of YouTube Music on the watch, as well as Google Maps, Google Wallet and the phone UI. It also shows the watch flipped so that the crown is on the right hand side instead of the left. There are some watch faces too, although they are likely to have been added after filming so might not be the finished articles.

We'll find out for sure in just five days: Google's big reveal is scheduled for Friday, and of course we'll be bringing you all the announcements as they happen.

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