Huawei Fit is here to continuously track heart rate and more

This always-on, round-faced fitness tracker makes wearables look good

Huawei Fit is the new fitness tracker from the Chinese company that aims to make heart rate tracking more accurate and important.

The Huawei Fit, which looks a lot like the Pebble Time Round, also features a monochrome touchscreen display. But what's more impressive about this fitness tracker is its ability to record continuous heart rate as well as movement and sleep.

Huawei claims the Fit is actually very accurate HR thanks to “high signal strength” meaning it can be used for automatic all day tracking or for manual monitoring. It has running training guidance for 5K, 10K, half and full marathons but no GPS so you'll need a connected phone for true distance accuracy then.

Connecting an iOS or Android phone is a good thing as the wearable will also offer alerts for calls and messages. Despite all this data tracking it'll apparently last for up to six days in use before needing a charge which takes under two hours.

The Huawei Fit will track steps, distance, calories burned, sleep duration and of course heart rate.

All that and price sits at an affordable $130 which is about £105.

via The Verge